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The Los Angeles DCFS receives about 200,000 calls to their Child Protection Hotline each year alleging child abuse, resulting in about 150,000 in-person investigations.  About 7% of the children involved in those investigations are placed in foster care.  The vast majority of those children are returned to their parents, usually within 18 months. They reunify close to 6,000 children a year with their parents and finalize on average about 1,300 adoptions each year.  DCFS is the largest public adoption agency in the country. In the last five years, more than 7,700 children exited foster care in Los Angeles County when their adoptions were finalized.  The largest percentage of children within the foster care system are under 10 years old. Could you imagine being ripped away from your own home at 10?

Foster children often show up to a foster parents door steps with just the clothes on their back and in a state of emotional turmoil. They are removed from their homes due to drug abuse and neglect, not because of anything they have done. These Children are the victims.

We have provided over 10,000 special HelpHHT duffle bags (Hope Totes) to foster youth in transition across the nation in the past 3 years but as you can see, that's not even close to making a dent in providing duffle bags to children who are in need.


Help us, help these kids get through such a heartbreaking experience by giving them something that no one can take away from them.

Nationwide Business Sponsorship

With a Nationwide Business Sponsorship, you have the opportunity to directly market your business nation wide, while supporting foster youth who are being removed from their homes. We are excited to work collaboratively with our business sponsors to market and support them in order to fit their business needs. You will have the option to select your placement on items such as; newsletter articles, flyers, brochures, banners, marketing material, website, and social media mentions with an outreach of over 1 Million.

We hope you will join us as a 2018 Business Sponsor.


Click the link below to choose your sponsorship level today. If you would like to sponsor only one of the three local annual events, please click here to see our event page for specific Event Sponsorship Levels to choose from. 

Nationwide Family or Individual Sponsorship

With a Nationwide Family or Individual Sponsorship, you have the opportunity to expand your personal giving to Hayden’s Hope Totes and help foster youth who are being removed from their homes. Being an Angel of Hope Family Sponsor has perks beyond the obvious generosity of your donation. We have included; 6 entry fee tickets to each HelpHHT sponsored events, your family name will appear on all HelpHHT special event flyers, our newsletter and website year round. As an added token of our appreciation you will receive a signed autograph photo & 1 video shoutout for a special occasion from Hayden Byerly, as well as 6 VIP passes to Meet and Greets at each HelpHHT sponsored events.

We hope you will join us as a 2018 Angel of Hope Family Sponsor. If you would like to sponsor only one of the three local annual events, please click here to see our event page for specific Event Family or Individual Sponsorship Levels to choose from.






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